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Model DR400 - Dr. Boost


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  • 1,000 "Peak Amps."
  • 400 Amps. Starting Power
  • 12 Volts DC Power Supply with Super Starting Power for Cars, Trucks, Marinas, Car Dealerships, and More**
  • "1,000 Plus" Boasts and Charges per Battery Life
  • 20 lbs (13 x 11 x 7 inches)
  • No Induced Voltage Spikes.  Safe For Car Electronic Systems
  • Heavy Duty Power for Starting Cars, Trucks, Diesel, Tractors, Marine Engines, Generators, and More**
  • Built-in BATTERY CHARGER.  Charges Booster by Plugging into 120 VAC Home or Shop Outlet
  • Recharges also by Plugging into Cigarette Lighter
  • 12 Volt DC Accessory Outlet, Ideal for Campers, Boaters, Cellular Phones, Lights, Radios, TV's, and More
  • BATTERY TESTER with Easy Read Meter
  • Shows Booster Charge Status.  Tests your Car Battery Rate of Charge.
  • Tests Car Starters
  • Tests Car Electrical Charging System
  • Checks Battery Polarity to Avoid Reverse Connections and Damage
  • Maintenance Free Sealed Battery
  • Stores in any Position Without Leakage
  • 550 Amps. Safety Clamps with No.4 Gauge Copper Cables
  • 90-Day Storage Between Use for Fully Charged Unit
  • Goes on the Job and Does the Job

* Based on One Boost and One Charge
** Always Follow Car Manufacturer Instructions for Safe Boosting